More Than A Bully

by J.L. Beck

Three best selling bully romance books.
Three heroes bell bent on revenge.
Three stories about love, revenge, and being more than a bully.


My former best friend. My first kiss. My first love.
She shattered my heart into a million pieces three years ago. She left me right when I needed her most.
And as fate will have it, she had entered my life once again, at almost the perfect time.
She was a transfer, fresh meat, and she had just put a target on her back. It was my turn to make her pay. It was my turn to break her heart.


He used to be my best friend, my protector, but all of that changed one fateful night.
I made a choice, and I thought I did the right thing, but I was wrong, so wrong.
And as of yesterday that same boy, who is now very much a man became my new stepbrother, but that's the least of my worries.


While I'm the girl no one notices. Bullied. Antisocial. I have no friends and I like it that way.
Until he walks into my life.
We shouldn't be friends.
We definitely shouldn't be roommates.
That doesn't stop him though.

***TRIGGER WARNING. All three books contain dark elements that may not be suitable for all readers. No cheating and HEA guaranteed. Each book can be read as a standalone but it's best if you read them in order.***

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