Taken by the Alpha

by Laxmi Hariharan

Mine to Own. Mine to Claim. She is MINE


She came to assassinate me, and now I must punish her.
Green eyes that blaze at me,
the sugary scent of her essence shudders down my spine.
I give her a chance to escape, but she didn't take it.
I caught her fair and square
... Now she is MINE.
I want to mark her all over,
so every time she looks at herself she'll think of me.
Her every breath, every cry, her every moan of ecstasy belongs to me.
By the time I am done with her, she will no longer be able to deny me.
I want her every thought, to fulfill her every need
I want all of her, and I don't plan on letting her go...
Not until I have taken her body and soul.
Not until I own her thoughts, know her feelings, can second guess her every move.
I intend to give her so much pleasure,
...so much pain,
that it will wipe out everything that came before.
She is mine. Only MINE

This is book 1 in Lucy and Darius' story, in the emotional and action-packed Knotted Omega Series.

***Dystopian paranormal romance with Omegaverse mf flavor.
Inside the pages: No cheating. Snarly, tattooed, possessive male who will do anything to claim his soulmate. 1-Click NOW

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