Luring Levi

by Elizabeth Rose

Bad Boys of Sweetwater: Tarnished Saints Series, Book 2

Sons of a preacher, but far from saints, these men are nothing but trouble!

Levi Taylor has been released from prison for tax evasion, turned in by his traitorous brother, Judas. After seven years behind bars he comes back to his small hometown of Sweetwater, Michigan on Thunder Lake. He has no job or money but before he knows it, the town has elected him as their new mayor.

Candace Kane is a food critic and reviewer from Chicago and arrives on the train with her six-year-old twins in Sweetwater where she will be a guest judge at their annual fair. The last thing she expected was to find Levi Taylor, a love interest of her past as her escort. And though she knows she should tell him he's the father of her children, she is hesitant to do it for more reasons than one.

Can their passion once again be ignited, after all these years? And can Levi prove to Candace that he can change his wild ways and pull his life back together before she leaves Sweetwater with her kids and her secret forever?

Passion and pride conflict as two people who have everything to lose as well as everything to gain by this small town romance, come together in Luring Levi.

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