The Unlucky Viscount

by Emma Brady

All of life is a gamble and Alexander Fullerton, Viscount Andrews, knew how to play the odds. After being swindled by a lying businessman and losing his family's fortune, Alex uses his card skills to keep them from ruin. He knows that in order for his younger sister to have the season she deserves, he will need to find a rich heiress to marry and as the season closes he worries he won't find one in time. Then he is given an offer from someone he never expected.
Rachel Bradden is the daughter of a rich and powerful member of the London underworld and grew up inside a notorious gambling hell. At night she runs the place under the disguise of the Raven and enjoys winning against the elite players that frequent the club. There is only one man who has ever been able to beat her and now her father expects her to marry him for respectability.
Two experienced gamblers, both expecting to win, will start to play a game that can decide their futures. The stakes don't get any higher than their hearts, but is it possible for them to find love away from the table?

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